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Office Hours.
Volunteer Staffed
Monday through Thursday
10:00am to 3:00pm

Hospice of Gladwin Area
1312 N. State Street (M18) PO Box 557 Gladwin, MI 48624-0557


Hospice Emergencies Call
24 hours daily,
7 days a week
989 426-4464

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Mission Statement.
Hospice care flows from the well-spring of human dignity.  The term "Hospice" was used in medieval times to describe a place of comfort for travelers on a difficult journey.  Today, the term "Hospice" no longer refers to a place but rather to a concept of care.  Hospice engenders a new attitude which seeks to impart to terminally ill individuals and their caregivers, as well as to the community at large, the realization and conscious acceptance of dying and death as a part of the struggle of life.  Hospice, in the best sense of human caring, involves persons who seek to see that their neighbors do not die without dignity and their loved ones do not mourn uncomforted.

Criteria For Admission.
1.  The patient requests and consents to Hospice care.

2.  The patient has a documented, irreversible illness with a limited life expectancy.

3.  The attending physician is willing to participate in the program.

4.  The patient has a responsible person within the home setting to take charge of the care.

5.  The patient resides in or near Gladwin County, Michigan.

6.  The patient has medical, nursing, psychological, and spiritual needs that can be met safely by Hospice caregivers in the home setting.   Physical facilities in the patient's home are adequate for safe and effective care.


National Hospice
and Palliative Care Member

Board of Directors 2012-2013

Bryan Locey, President
 Ken Meyer, Vice-President
 Cindy Wolfe, Secretary
 Linda Maxwell, Treasurer
Janet Flynn, Trustee
 Georgann Schuster, Trustee
 Tom Kaastra, Trustee
Joyce Swartzmiller, HGA Exec Director

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Visitation and Assessment.
Upon receiving a referral and approving a patient/family for admission into the care program of Hospice of Gladwin Area, Inc., the patient and caregivers may be visited by a nurse from one of several health care agencies and by the executive director (or designee) of Hospice of Gladwin Area, Inc.   These visits will be made within three (3) days of the date of referral.  The nurse, with the help of the patient and caregiver(s), will complete a nursing assessment.  The executive director (or designee) will complete a psycho-social assessment based on information provided by the patient and family.  These assessments will assist in determining the home-care plan.  This home-care plan will be formulated with input from the patients attending physician, the visiting nurse (if appropriate) and other Hospice team members.  The home care plan will be discussed in detail with the patient and caregiver(s).

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